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Terry, we’ve spo­ken at shows and on the phone and you’ve al­ways been ex­tremely help­ful and you’ve al­ways given me good ad­vice. How­ever, I’m sorry to have to tell you but I think you’ve let your­self down with your re­cent con­ver­sion to what you aptly re­ferred to as ‘the dark side’. I’m talk­ing about those hor­ri­ble, mil­i­tary, wannabe ri­fles that ap­pear far too fre­quently in your mag­a­zine these days.

Not only do these ugly, un­gainly, in­el­e­gant air­guns look hideous, they surely can’t be good for our sport. If air­gun­ners, or shoot­ers of any kind, want to shoot these things, they should join the forces and do it prop­erly. These guns and the mind­set of those who use them have no place in our sport. Sorry about the neg­a­tive rant but I think it’s time you took ac­tion and re­moved such guns from the pages of Air­gun World and Air Gunner. DAVID CHARL­TON

I’m sorry you feel that way, David, and I guess we’ll just have to agree to dis­agree on this one. The fact is, my ‘con­ver­sion to the dark side’ came about purely due to my re­mov­ing my blink­ers and judg­ing these ri­fles on their mer­its, in terms of per­for­mance and the value for money they of­fer. I use them for those rea­sons, too, and I as­sure you I’m no ‘wannabe’ any­thing. I hope that ex­plains things, but by all means call me and we can dis­cuss this. – Ed

Has Terry gone to the dark side? David Charl­ton thinks so.

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