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I’d just like to con­grat­u­late you on a great mag­a­zine and ask a short sim­ple ques­tion.

I am 74 years and pretty ac­tive, so I go pick­ing up on a few shoots with my springer spaniel, Molly, and also have sev­eral PCP air ri­fles. I am also left-handed, but only for shoot­ing.

My ques­tion is: When you re­view these air ri­fles you state they are ambidextrous, but don’t say if the cock­ing sys­tem can be moved to the other side. Could this make

this clear in the fu­ture, please? I have four BSA ri­fles which were con­verted for me on pur­chase by BSA.

Keep up the good work. CHRIS PURSGLOVE

Hello, Chris. I to­tally ac­cept your point, and we do try to in­clude the ‘right to left’ con­ver­sion fea­ture, if it’s ap­pli­ca­ble to a test ri­fle. Per­haps, it’s time we did a list of the ri­fles to which this ap­plies? Watch this space! Ed

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