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Do you be­lieve it harms your shoot­ing to use too many guns? I’ve had this de­bate with my hunt­ing part­ner. He brings out a dif­fer­ent gun al­most ev­ery time we shoot, and I think this makes him a less-ef­fec­tive hunter.

What say you, Terry? OLLY STEAD­MAN

It’s a good ques­tion, Olly, but there’s more than one an­swer to it. On one hand, us­ing one ri­fle, and more im­por­tantly learn­ing that ri­fle’s ev­ery aim point at ev­ery range, will def­i­nitely help to make any­one a more ef­fi­cient shooter. Then again, in cer­tain sit­u­a­tions, spe­cialised out­fits re­ally can do a bet­ter job, so us­ing ded­i­cated hard­ware can also bring re­sults. The only con­stant, here, is the folly of switch­ing ri­fles just for the sake of change. The real deal is mak­ing sure you’re to­tally fa­mil­iar with how your ri­fle shoots, at the ranges you’ll en­counter in the field, be­fore you go hunt­ing with it. – Ed

Can we re­ally have too many guns?

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