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Could you please pass on my pro­found thanks to Phil Hard­man for his help in get­ting me through this pan­demic cri­sis. Phil won’t know this but his frank­ness and hon­esty con­cern­ing his bat­tle with his men­tal health is­sues has played a ma­jor role in my own re­cov­ery.

Be­fore I read what Phil had to say, I truly be­lieved I was on my own, de­spite hav­ing a car­ing part­ner and a ther­a­pist who has been noth­ing short of won­der­ful. Hav­ing some­one who is like me, a ded­i­cated air­gun­ner and hunter, fac­ing sim­i­lar fears, frus­tra­tions and chal­lenges, and still func­tion­ing in the way Phil does, is more help than most could pos­si­bly ap­pre­ci­ate, I as­sure you.

Re­cently, I’ve been pass­ing on Phil’s ex­am­ple to a shoot­ing friend of mine who also strug­gles at times, and he as­sures me it’s mak­ing a real dif­fer­ence to him, too. So, thanks Phil and Airgun World, for not only help­ing me, but my friend too.

Take care.


Tony and Algy - what a won­der­ful let­ter, and Phil will be as thrilled to read it as I was, I’m sure. Please send me yours and Algy’s boot sizes and those lovely peo­ple at Jack Pyke will do­nate an ex­tra pair to kit you both out. Keep on keep­ing on, you guys, and for any­one else out there who might be strug­gling at the moment, ev­ery­one at Airgun World wishes you the strength to carry you through these try­ing times. - Ed

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