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RANGE TO IM­PACT 0 20m/22y 30m/33y 40m/44y 50m/55y 60m/66y


905/28.9 (mea­sured) 835/24.6 774/21.1 721/18.3 674/16.0 631/14.0 592/12.4

just two .177 pel­lets, the bucket started leak­ing ev­ery­where, dis­as­ter! Af­ter drain­ing and in­spec­tion, I saw no im­pact dam­age to the bucket’s base, just a clean crack, so can only as­sume the shock wave(s) alone of the .177 pel­lets im­pact­ing the wa­ter square-on might have caused the dam­age – school day num­ber1. Af­ter hastily emp­ty­ing and dry­ing the bucket, I re­paired the base with duct tape (an­other Mythbuster­s sta­ple) both in­side and out, be­fore take 3. Fi­nally, for the main event I fired two shots down into the wa­ter, from each ri­fle/power set­ting. Each time, I care­fully re­cov­ered, dried and saved the pel­lets, in pre-la­belled Zi­ploc bags for later ex­am­i­na­tion. Hav­ing stepped down through the S510’s


10m/11y #3.5 #3 #2.6 #2.3 #2 #1.8?

power lev­els dur­ing chrono­graph­ing, I started at 13.8 ft.lbs., and re­versed, grad­u­ally rais­ing the power to max­i­mum and nicely end­ing on a high note, as I think you’ll see from the re­sults.


Back to my ear­lier com­ment about un­wanted frag­men­ta­tion, I no­ticed a few tiny frag­ments of what was pre­sum­ably lead glint­ing in the bot­tom of the bucket. This led to me both mea­sur­ing and weigh­ing each re­cov­ered pel­let, to com­pare against the av­er­age di­men­sions and see if any dis­in­te­gra­tion had oc­curred (yes I should have weighed each be­fore­hand).


Your prey won’t be in front of your muz­zle, so as ranges in­crease, a power drop and a sub­se­quent re­duc­tion in ex­pan­sion should be ex­pected. Us­ing Hawke’s Chair­gun Pro App, with muz­zle ve­loc­i­ties entered and the

BC of .22 JSB Ex­acts used for ap­prox­i­ma­tion, pre­dicted the fol­low­ing data (FAC power 5/max).

So, there are more fac­tors to con­sider than

“a few tiny frag­ments of what was pre­sum­ably lead glint­ing in the bot­tom of the bucket”

just the power you chrono­graphed your ri­fle at be­fore leav­ing home – and no, it’s not a case of ‘turn up the muz­zle en­ergy to get op­ti­mum ex­pan­sion en­ergy at the ac­tual tar­get’, ei­ther.

All pel­lets/pro­jec­tiles have an op­ti­mum max­i­mum ve­loc­ity, above which ac­cu­racy can drop off; e.g. for qual­ity .22 pel­lets like JSB Ex­acts I be­lieve around 900fps is the ideal.

There was a small amount of ex­pan­sion from the .177 non-FAC-pow­ered Hades, al­though there might be some flat­ten­ing of the pre­vi­ously per­fectly di­ablo-domed head. Per­haps in­di­cat­ing they hit the hard­wood. The .22 Hades ex­panded at all FAC ve­loc­i­ties, with the three high­est power set­tings achiev­ing near-iden­ti­cal re­sults. Look­ing at the photos of the ex­panded pel­lets, I’d say they should be very ef­fec­tive against ver­min. I be­lieve to get the full ben­e­fit of any ex­pan­sion ca­pa­bil­ity they must be fired at FAC ve­loc­i­ties. Go­ing back to the fact they must sur­vive their trav­els first in the tin and then load­ing, this isn’t re­ally sur­pris­ing.

The .177 ex­panded slightly, but with­out re­do­ing these tests in a taller bucket, where it’s clear all en­ergy is lost be­fore the pel­let reaches the bot­tom, I can’t guar­an­tee there was no im­pact with the hard­wood ‘backstop’.


The FAC-pow­ered .22 Hades was a dif­fer­ent story. As you’ll see from both the

DIA AF­TER 4.9 & 5.1mm 6.5 & 6.8mm 7.4 & 8.1mm 7.5 & 7.8mm 7.6 & 7.8mm

AV­ER­AGE IN­CREASE 0.5mm 1.15mm 2.25mm 2.15mm 2.2mm

“Any im­pact with bone should also help the pel­lets ‘mush­room’ fur­ther”

mea­sure­ments and the photos of the re­cov­ered pel­lets, they de­formed sig­nif­i­cantly at the higher ve­loc­i­ties. Also, in most cases one of the three ‘petals’ de­formed/squashed, so per­haps the pel­lets also struck a glanc­ing blow off the hard­wood, af­ter veer­ing off course.

Only two of the four high­est-pow­ered pel­lets lost weight, 0.5gr & 0.6gr re­spec­tively. My own feel­ing might be backed-up by noth­ing but guessti­ma­tion, but it’s that down­range, no sig­nif­i­cant, un­wanted, meat-spoil­ing frag­men­ta­tion would oc­cur within prey (e.g. rab­bits). Any im­pact with bone should also help the pel­lets ‘mush­room’ fur­ther, too, fur­ther pre­vent­ing over­pen­e­tra­tion. Ei­ther way, I’m very im­pressed by the ex­pan­sion per­for­mance of the .22 FAC -pow­ered pel­lets and will cer­tainly be us­ing them with my re­place­ment .22 FAC ri­fle once it ar­rives. Speak­ing of which, I’ll also be car­ry­ing out ac­cu­racy tests ASAP/post­lock­down, with both the .177 Hades’ at 25m and the .22 Hades’ at 50m.


Nat­u­rally, I filmed my test­ing, so have al­ready edited and up­loaded a video for you. Check­out my chan­nel or scan the QR code for more on that. One crutch also came in ex­tra-use­ful at the end be­cause once I’d emp­tied the still okay bucket, I ‘mopped’ the floor dry with an old towel un­der it. I con­tacted J.S Rams­bot­tom af­ter pub­lish­ing this video, and Ed­ward is kindly send­ing me some other pel­lets for fol­low-up test­ing.

I found this test­ing fas­ci­nat­ing to carry out, al­though a chore to clean up af­ter­wards. I hope you found this in­ter­est­ing and that which­ever pel­let you dis­cover works best for you, you en­joy both your recre­ational shoot­ing when pos­si­ble, and your pest con­trol.

Com­ing very soon … I’ll be ac­cu­racy-test­ing Hades @50m with my new FAC ri­fle, watch this space for that! I


I FX Wild­cat mk.1, short­ened and tuned by Air-Fec­tive tun­ing.

I AA S510XS (.22 FAC)Blackpool Air Ri­fles / air­gun­

I R2A Chrono­graph £139.00

I JSB Hades .177” 10.34 grain £9.99www.js­rams­bot­

I JSB Hades .22” 15.89 grain £10.99


RussDou­ YouTube/In­sta­gram/Face­book:­glas222 Flickr al­bums: more photos and links to ac­ces­sories: RussDou­glasAGW

22 – like­wise.

Chrono’ test­ing FAC .22.

Photos of de­formed .22 pel­lets @27.3fpe.

Mi­nor de­for­ma­tion/ex­pan­sion .177 non-FAC.

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