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Fi­nally, I’ve got round to the fi­nal build up – well, maybe. I know from the guys on the FX Dream­line group on Face­book that one should never say ‘never’ when it comes to the FX DLC-Tac. The op­tions for ad­di­tional parts are end­less, as are the per­sonal re­quire­ments from the own­ers for that spe­cial in­di­vid­u­al­ity that makes their gun stand out from the rest. We have Donny FL mak­ing some awe­some mod­er­a­tors for air­guns, a per­sonal favourite of mine, and from the same sta­ble we have Saber Tac­ti­cal con­stantly de­vel­op­ing var­i­ous ac­ces­sories for the FX Im­pact. I have a few, and I can as­sume it will be only a mat­ter of time be­fore there is a range of Saber Tac­ti­cal ac­ces­sories for the Dream­line, to com­ple­ment the couple of chas­sis al­ready avail­able, so maybe this won’t be the fi­nal build up … we shall have to see.


First was the cheap, knock-off At­las bi­pod; this had to be re­placed, so fol­low­ing the Mag­pul theme al­ready em­ployed, I went for the Mag­pul com­pos­ite bi­pod. This is a truly light­weight item and is avail­able in M-Lok, Pi­catinny and QD Sling stud at­tach­ment vari­ants. South York­shire Shoot­ing Sup­plies didn’t have the Pi­catinny op­tion in stock, so I opted for the QD and this will be fit­ted to my cen­tre­fire ri­fle when the Pic’ pod turns up. The QD re­quires an adap­tor to at­tach to the un­der­slung Pi­catinny rail, and also a Pi­catinny riser to al­low the bi­pod to clear the air tube, so I had to get an en­gi­neer­ing mate to ma­chine the riser down to get a per­fect fit. The Pi­catinny bi­pod won’t re­quire any of these adap­tors and will clean up the lines of the Tac and drop of a lit­tle weight, too.

Next step is the one-piece mount I fit­ted. I still wasn’t get­ting the right eye re­lief, mainly due to the short Hawke Air­max Com­pact scope. The eye re­lief is some­what shorter than a stan­dard Air­max, and as I hang off the back of the gun it needed bring­ing back. So, I sent for a set of Hawke 2” reach-back/for­ward mounts that would give me the eye re­lief I needed. The two-piece mounts now al­lowed me to fit the Mag­pul sling at­tach­ment fur­ther back, which lets the Tac hang ver­ti­cally rather

“the net­ting was hang­ing in front of the scope, so next on the list was an ex­tended sun­shade”

than the near-hor­i­zon­tal po­si­tion with the for­ward mounted sling at­tach­ment – things are com­ing to­gether nicely.


I do a lot of shoot­ing from a hide, and from the seated po­si­tion be­hind the camo net­ting I was now find­ing that the net­ting was hang­ing in front of the scope, so next on the list was an ex­tended sun­shade. I’m a big fan of these be­cause they help pre­vent glare to the eye, and also work to­ward elim­i­nat­ing sun flash to your quarry. I have also added a hon­ey­comb cover for the end, to as­sist with sun flash – it looks a bit ‘trick’, too. So, with all these lit­tle ad­di­tions fit­ted, I was set for the woods and the change made a no­tice­able dif­fer­ence straight away; eye re­lief was spot on, the scope now cleared the hide and the bi­pod even acted as a ham­ster, as used by tar­get shoot­ers, al­though I did fit it ‘back­wards’ be­cause I’m in­tend­ing to try out an air bot­tle in place of the air tube (looks like the build-up isn’t fin­ished) but this doesn’t af­fect how I use the gun at all.

A couple of ses­sions on the squir­rels from the hide and a few pi­geons from the fields told me that ev­ery­thing was per­fect and a clover­leaf pat­tern for the zero check for a full mag’, and a

“The words came boom­ing from the other end of the bench rest ...”

smashed spin­ner set on the side of a skinny feeder pleased me im­mensely, but how would Lola fare against some stiff com­pe­ti­tion? How would I per­form un­der the scru­tiny of a sea­soned tar­get shooter and the range of­fi­cers of a new shoot­ing range that I had been in­vited to visit?


You might have al­ready read about my visit to the Fox­combe Shoot­ing Range in Pem­brokeshire West Wales. The place is bril­liant and very pro­fes­sion­ally run by own­ers, Ceri and Steve, with range of­fi­cer, Ryan. The lay­out of the range is per­fect for any­one want­ing to test their air ri­fles at ranges from 10 to 77 yards.

My in­vi­ta­tion came from a good friend, Rhys, whose never-end­ing search for the per­fect pel­let is as leg­endary as his shoot­ing abil­ity. I would have a tough test, for sure, and all un­der the eyes of the own­ers and other users.

Rhys had brought his Daystate Pul­sar, kit­ted out with the Pard 008LRF NV scope which has been caus­ing quite a stir in the shoot­ing world, along with the 007 scope add-on, so I was quite keen to see what all the fuss was about I have to say, and I was very im­pressed. He also had his Theoben TTR and the HW100 BTAS, all very heav­ily tuned, but all sub-12 ft.lbs. I had the FX Dream­line Tac­ti­cal Com­pact in .22 and the FX Im­pact in .177, and they both in­stantly at­tracted the at­ten­tion of my host and the staff. The tac­ti­cal look made them stand out from the other ri­fles, and what most peo­ple found in­ter­est­ing was how smooth the cock­ing sys­tem was on both guns.


First off I did a zero check at 30 yards with both guns, and all was bang on, so I de­cided to go all in and try out the full dis­tance of 77 yards with the DLC-Tac. This is new ter­ri­tory for both the Tac and me at this range, and some quick think­ing and my best guess­work had me set­ting the very bot­tom of the crosshairs on a bright pink cup, way out at the top of the range. I could see there was a slight swirling breeze, and I found my­self wait­ing for it to drop be­fore squeez­ing of a 16gr Air Arms Di­ablo. The re­sult­ing crack and the sight of the cup spin­ning over the bar al­most had me whoop­ing, but I con­trolled it and sent an­other into it, which did make me snort while try­ing to sti­fle a laugh. The words came boom­ing from the other end of the bench rest … “Who’s hit my bl**dy cup?”

“Me sir,” was my best school­boy re­ply, “but don’t worry I’ll un­tan­gle it for you,” as I then span it off the sup­port bar … dead si­lence …

A spot of light en­gi­neer­ing.

Hawke En­durance ED monoc­u­lar, a must have.

The dy­namic duo.

Tak­ing a few wood­ies with the En­forcer de­coys.

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