MEET­ING A TRUE LEFT Is the new RTI Arms Prophet bullpup re­ally nice - or is it re­ally niche?

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Wel­come to the new-look Fol­low-Up test. I hope you like the for­mat, but if you don’t, I’m sure you’ll let me know. Kick­ing us off, we have the new Prophet from RTI Arms in Slove­nia. This is a high-ca­pac­ity, hi-tech, am­bidex­trous bullpup, but amid the ar­ray of per­for­mance com­po­nents, the stand­out fea­ture is still its de­cided left-hand­ed­ness. Yes, the Prophet’s stock de­sign is ambi’, and this ri­fle has an ingenious mag­a­zine-swap ca­pa­bil­ity, where you can flip the mag’ around and load it from the left- or right-hand side, as it suits, but that ar­tic­u­lated cock­ing lever is a per­ma­nent fix­ture on the left-hand side of the ac­tion. Of course the south­paws out there love it, and a more-than-ex­pected num­ber of my ‘nor­mal’ shoot­ing friends got along fine with it, so am I mak­ing too much of some­thing ... again? Pos­si­bly.


My own two months of fairly in­ten­sive shoot­ing with the Prophet have taught me plenty, all of which is con­tained in the fea­ture boxes be­low. I didn’t be­come fully ac­cos­tomed to the po­si­tion of that sidelever, but then I’m re­quired to swap back and forth be­tween ri­fles I’m ei­ther test­ing or help­ing to


de­velop, all of which have their cock­ing levers on the right. Had I used the Prophet ex­clu­sively, I’m fairly sure its cock­ing sys­tem would soon be­come sec­ond-na­ture, and I’d stop ob­sess­ing about it.

The thing that’s im­pressed me most about this ri­fle is its pure shoot­ing per­for­mance. Clin­i­cal ac­cu­racy al­lied to huge shot ca­pac­ity, con­sis­tency of out­put and ease of use is a mas­sively at­trac­tive com­bi­na­tion and it’s no sur­prise that the Prophet is cause quite a stir overseas. Only time will tell if we Brits adopt it, but if it’s all about per­for­mance for you – you re­ally need to check out the Prophet. I

All PCPs re­spond pos­i­tively to a si­lencer and the Prophet is no dif­fer­ent in this re­gard. Its bar­rel shroud some­how snuffs out much of the ri­fle’s muz­zle blast, de­spite the lack of baf­fles within it, but I’d say the ef­fi­ciency of the ac­tion is the main fac­tor, here. Any­way, I’d rec­om­mend a com­pact, light­weight si­lencer for the Prophet, if only as a ‘stop’ be­tween the shooter’s hand and the muz­zle. I found the Prophet’s main Pi­catinny sight mount­ing rail to be plenty long enough for ev­ery scope I tried, plus it ac­com­mo­dated the eye-re­lief of ev­ery­one else who tried the ri­fle. There’s a 20MOA in­cli­na­tion built in to the rail, and ze­ro­ing/di­alling was no prob­lem ei­ther. I think RTI Arms have this com­po­nent just right. A bonkers amount, thanks. The 500cc, car­bon-fi­bre bot­tle on the test ri­fle can be charged to 300 bar, from which I get over 500 shots in .177 and 650 in .22! Re­mark­ably ef­fi­cient, ac­tu­ally, so hats off to the RTI Arms boffins for that. There’s an ad­justable reg’ op­tion avail­able, too, which is worth look­ing at for FAC users. I’ve said it in the in­tro, but if you can get used to the place­ment of the Prophet’s sidelever, I’m sure it won’t be an is­sue, and of course if you’re a left-han­der, it’s a ma­jor bonus. It re­quires more ef­fort to op­er­ate than most, mind.

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