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“some springers shoot well from a bench, but are poor on an HFT cir­cuit

up. It might be nec­es­sary to hold the trig­ger in place with your par­al­lel punches, to keep things lined up, be­fore rein­sert­ing the re­tain­ing pins, rememberin­g the longer of the two sits to­ward the front of the ac­tion.

On the sub­ject of lu­bri­ca­tion, the trig­ger comes from the fac­tory lu­bri­cated with grease, which is fine, but can hold dirt and grit over time. With this in mind, it’s my pref­er­ence to lu­bri­cate trig­ger mech­a­nisms with a lit­tle light non-sil­i­cone ma­chine oil.


Any­body con­tem­plat­ing this type of work re­quires a chrono­graph, or at least free ac­cess to one; not do­ing so is a bit like hav­ing a ma­jor op­er­a­tion and not hav­ing post-op­er­a­tive ob­ser­va­tions – in a word, it’s dan­ger­ous.

In this case, things looked very promis­ing with an av­er­age of 11.13 with JSB Ex­acts, cou­pled with com­mend­able con­sis­tency. As al­ways, it’s wise to keep an eye on a springer’s per­for­mance over time be­cause on oc­ca­sions it’s nec­es­sary to curb their en­thu­si­asm, yet an­other rea­son to own a chrono­graph.

Power is only one part of the equa­tion, though; fir­ing man­ners and ac­cu­racy make up my trin­ity of ac­com­plish­ment. On fir­ing the gun, there was zero twang, just the muted thump of a well-sorted springer – the cock­ing seemed lighter, as did the re­coil. The Vortek spring does have a smaller gauge wire, and is longer than the orig­i­nal, so that may give some clue to the re­sults ob­tained.

Ac­cu­racy un­der field con­di­tions was ex­cel­lent, and as we have come to learn from Jim Tyler, some springers shoot well from a bench, but are poor on an HFT cir­cuit. This fi­nal con­sid­er­a­tion com­pleted the deal for me. I find the Vortek kit ‘im­pres­sive’, and give it the Evans seal of ap­proval.

There comes to a close an­other chap­ter, but don’t worry, my book has many pages. See you next month for more airgun tales. I


Tony Bur­ton AGR tun­ing. www.agr­tun­ tony700bur­ton@bt­in­ter­

Tel: 0784748599­3.

HW98 Vortek spring set as fea­tured £80.50.

Steve Pope V-Mach. www.air-ri­fle-tun­ Email: v-mach@air-ri­fle-tun­

Tel: 0785029636­0.

V-mach re­mov­able cock­ing link pin. £10.

One thrust washer was in­serted ahead of the front guide.

Vortek pis­ton head, an op­tional ex­tra, in­fused with molyb­de­num.

The new liner sits just in­side the pis­ton, and pro­vides a track for the cock­ing shoe.

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