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In ref­er­ence to the Editor’s Test of the Daystate Hunts­man Re­vere, on one count, it is ‘a hell of an up­date’, and in spite of all the rude re­marks, I love it. I only own two Daystates:

1. Hunter Re­gal – a lovely gun, easy to use and deadly ac­cu­rate, but I don’t care so much for the bolt-ac­tion; pos­si­bly from mem­o­ries of Na­tional Ser­vice ri­fles.

2. I have just re­cently pur­chased the Hunts­man Re­vere. I think it is far bet­ter and more pleas­ant, but can’t claim that it is more ac­cu­rate to use – there might be a bit of age shake in the sys­tem now – but the sidelever is great and helps to keep old bones on tar­get.

There is one small com­plaint from my point of view, and that’s the new mag’; the blue is fine, but it will not in­ter­change with the orig­i­nal Re­gal mag’s, so you get one more ex­pense if you re­quire a sec­ond mag’ – good for

Daystate, bad for Ted.

One other small point on your two-part test; has Daystate re­duced the rec­om­mended price of the Re­vere, or was that an an over­sight?

All the best now, and keep up the good work. Apart from the odd hic­cup, it’s a damn good mag­a­zine.


Ted - thanks for the nice com­ments, and yes, that was a typo, not a mas­sive dis­count, I’m afraid. As for the new mag­a­zine, it’s de­signed to fit your Re­gal, and most other ‘mod­ern’ Daystates, but the up­grades on the new mag’ mean the Re­gal’s mag’ won’t fit the Re­vere. I hope that’s clear, even if you find it a bit frus­trat­ing! - Ed

The thoughts and opin­ions on the new Daystate Re­vere keep com­ing, and they’re mostly pos­i­tive.

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