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Back in April’s is­sue, you tested the Pri­est ri­fle, and I no­tice that last month, the same maker sup­plied you with the Prophet. Un­for­tu­nately, I’m not in the mar­ket to spend a grand and more on my air­guns but I do re­ally like the look of the si­lencer you used in your test of the Pri­est. Can you give me some de­tails on it, please?


Cer­tainly, Bob; that si­lencer is the ab­so­lutely su­perb Huggett Astille, and whilst it’s not cheap, it has a style and per­for­mance all of its own. The Astille is pre­ci­sion ma­chined through­out and it can also be cus­tomised to suit your pref­er­ence. Please go to www. huggettmod­er­a­ for the full range of Huggett si­lencers, and you’ll see why so many of us are such fans of this ex­traor­di­nary mod­er­a­tor - and of the ge­nius who makes them. - Ed

The Astille isn’t cheap, but true ge­nius never is.

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