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Family Values : 23 : 23

Family Values

FAMILY VALUES actually tried it myself, so he took me out one day, along with my middle son, Jack, and we had the best time. I really loved it. To return the favour I said that I would take one of my airguns round, put up some targets and have a bit of a plinking session in the back garden, with a view to going out into the field eventually and doing some actual hunting. OUT WITH THE BOYS I decided to take my Weihrauch HW100BP, mainly because it’s my favourite, but also because I wanted to show him just how advanced modern airguns are, that they aren’t the cheap and cheerful spring airguns he might have used as a teenager, but these are highly developed and extremely capable hunting tools. We figured it was also the perfect chance to get the kids involved, and teach, or reinforce some of the rules of safe gun handling, and some marksmansh­ip principles. » 23 www.airgunshoo­ AIRGUN WORLD

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