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Hardman’s Hunting : 24 : 24

Hardman’s Hunting

HARDMAN’S HUNTING I took some shots first just to make sure everything was bang on, and then let David shoot it. His first reaction upon sending the first shot downrange was to look down at the gun, as if to say, ‘is that it?’ It’s a look I know all too well; the lack of recoil, and near silence of the shot always surprises people, and I smiled as I saw it. “Yeah, not much to it is there?” I laughed. He put a few more pellets through it, and his navy training showed as he handled it confidentl­y. A NATURAL Next, it was Jack’s turn, but because the HW100BP is no lightweigh­t, and he was nursing a sore wrist from a scooter stunt riding accident, I suggested he tried it from the prone position instead of trying to take the weight himself. The first time he did this he was a toddler, around the same age as little Connor, who had decided to lie beside him. Seeing the size difference between them took me back, seeing him now, so big and needing such little guidance from me was really a reminder of just how fast time goes by. Conner lay fascinated, watching with wonder as his big brother sent pellet after pellet downrange, until I nudged him and asked, “Would you like a go?” His little face lit up as he nodded his head, and I turned to David and whispered, “The mag’s empty, but he won’t know.” him a little demo of the ATN X Sight 4k Pro electronic scope. The kids were super-excited to shoot, but I made sure to curb that somewhat. Yes, I wanted them to enjoy this, but we had a small safety talk to do first, making sure the rifle was treated as if it were loaded and pointed in a safe direction at all times. them, and our makeshift range was pretty small, only about 15 yards, but we had a rifle, some pellets, and somewhere safe to shoot – what more could we want? I let Jack load up the magazine for the rifle as I talked a little bit to David about how it worked, showing him how to cock it, and where the safety catch was, and also giving 24 AIRGUN WORLD www.airgunshoo­

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