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The Walther Reign : 33 : 33

The Walther Reign

THE WALTHER REIGN referenced earlier in this piece, I’ve never owned or even fired a bullpup format rifle before, and I suppose I was taking a chance buying one without first finding an opportunit­y for a test shoot somewhere, but it has worked out well for me. The fact that my Reign scoped and silenced weighs in at only 3.3kg, can be comfortabl­y hefted in one hand, and yet packs a UK legal limit punch, still amazes me. My only problem under the present circumstan­ces, social isolation and staying at home, is that my air tank is down to 200bar, and I’m not going to get a refill any time soon. Looks like I’m in the market for a hand pump! PADDY SAYS: It is good how people come up with little personal touches or modificati­ons to their air rifle and be able to make, show and pass them on for the benefit of other shooters. With my Reign, I too have the cheek raiser and magazine holder and they do make a difference. I met the gentleman who makes these at the 2020 British Shooting Show where we discussed the possibilit­ies of other ideas for the Reign; Richard sells these items via his eBay account: Jackal_Pest_Control. For my personal touch, I fitted a set of Picatinny open sights on the long rail to some good effect at the British Shooting Show and they give this rifle a back-to-basics dimension. All in all, this is a cracking little rifle and definitely needs to be tried out, either scoped, red dot or open sights. I VIDEO & PICTURE LINKS: Walther Reign cheek raiser and magazine holder profile I B88q2GfnXg­5/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_ link Three shots using Reign and added raiser and magazine holder I nSe3/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Reign open sights short video I Reign profiles; scoped, red dot and open sights I LINKS: www.umarexboys­ www.bracesofbr­ TECH SPEC Calibre: .177 or .22 Magazine Capacity: 11 ~ 0.177 or 10 ~ 0.22 Energy: 16 joules /12 ft.lbs. Length: 687mm Weight: 2.5kg (unscoped) RRP £799.95 33 www.airgunshoo­ AIRGUN WORLD

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