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Fun For All The Family : 43 : 43

Fun For All The Family

FUN FOR ALL THE FAMILY PACKAGE DELIVERED grips with the safety aspects and becoming slightly too competitiv­e than was entirely necessary between ourselves. To our family, guns, when treated with respect have been a source of relaxation, achievemen­t and good old-fashioned fun for generation­s. So, as lockdown boredom began to bite, I asked my dear uncle if he happened to have an old airgun knocking about. “Dearest niece! Leave it with me.” And with that, he went off to work a little magic. In the meantime, cue some father/ son bonding as the boys got creative with some old paving slabs and converted a small corner of our garden into their very own target range. Being about 60 feet and slightly downhill from our elevated decking, this set-up allowed for some pretty neat prone position, sniper-style posturing just outside the back door and I’m not sure which of the two of them was more excited, Dylan or his father. So, we were ready to go when the call came to say that the package had been neatly stowed at the home of our shielding grandfathe­r, himself a keen marksman all his life. Dylan and I dashed into the car with a boot full of shopping, hoping not to be stopped by the police along the way. Our food parcel delivery for Grandad was a legitimate reason for travel, although driving back empty-handed, seemingly armed to the teeth, might take a little more explaining. On arriving home, it was straight out to the decking where Dad and younger sister, Ruby, were waiting eagerly and next door’s cat, Nigel, was beginning to look nervous, so Nigel was sent home and our range secured. Opening the brand-new gun case, we quite literally could not believe our eyes! No dusty, battered old cast-off had been dug out for us as expected No, no! Instead, a shiny new BSA » 43 www.airgunshoo­ AIRGUN WORLD

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