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Fun For All The Family

FUN FOR ALL THE FAMILY Ultra JSR combo, complete with its required air pump and pellets was there for all to see. So, with the target range ready and waiting and Nigel safely out of the way, we were good to go but not before another detailed safety briefing, via Zoom, by good old Uncle Tel. DYLAN’S IMPRESSED! “It feels amazing to be allowed to be able to use an actual, real-life gun!” said Dylan, visibly brimming over with excitement. “I’d recommend it to anyone my age who wants to do something really cool with their family” and anyone with teenage kids will understand the sentiment in that sentence is rarer than rocking horse poop! On a purely practical level we’re also no longer fearing food shortages that may be caused by the threat of a ‘second wave.’ “We’ll be fine, mum. If we run out of food, I can just shoot pigeons!” Panic over then, and pigeon pie all round! If you think about it though, marksmansh­ip in its various forms has been a sign of manhood since mankind got peckish and started eying up the local mammoths. While that may not be a strictly accurate representa­tion of evolution, I’m sure you get my point and a quick glance down the top-selling computer games title list will tell you the need to prove one’s prowess in this department is still alive and kicking. RITES OF PASSAGE A boy of 13 needs those rites of passage to mark the small shifts from boy toward man and in our squeaky-clean, risk-averse world these days those opportunit­ies are slim pickings. This is by no means limited to the boys! My daughter and I love getting involved just as much and are more than capable of giving our lads a run for their money when it comes to our evening contests. For Dylan in particular though, the chance to prove himself worthy of the very real responsibi­lity of owning, handling and caring for his own ‘proper’ gun, albeit under strict supervisio­n, has been huge: A real milestone along the road to becoming a man. So far, this has yet to translate into the ability to clean his room or bring his sodding washing down, but hey! Rome wasn’t built in a day. CLOSER Our evening sessions of target practice after dinner have definitely brought us closer as a family during these strange times and when it’s safe to do so, we’ll be straight over to Grandad’s to share the experience. It’s an all too rare thing these days to find skills that span the generation­s and they’re to be enjoyed to the full whenever they present themselves. Besides all that, and perhaps most importantl­y of all, owning a neat piece of equipment like the BSA Ultra JSR has earned Dylan some pretty serious bragging rights with his mates, and when you’re 13, it doesn’t get much better than that, now does it? I 44 AIRGUN WORLD www.airgunshoo­

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