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Building ‘lola’ The Fx Dlc-tac : 61 : 61

Building ‘lola’ The Fx Dlc-tac

BUILDING ‘LOLA’ THE FX DLC-TAC Sidewinder, which is an awesome scope, no doubt about it. “Can anyone see the golf tees?” came the next announceme­nt. … fervently scanning before Rhys spotted them, I was soon on them – five of the tiniest targets, set on top of some hanging metal gongs and set out at 65 yards, I was told afterwards. I had to be quick because I knew Rhys would be all over them, but first shot – one down; second shot, another down; third shot and another gone; fourth shot … missed! I was rushing, I knew it; fifth shot and down it went. I left the missed one, but I was over the moon with the performanc­e of Lola. and interest in the Tac was growing. Obviously, I offered them all the chance to try out the duo, and as I just watched, smiled and filled up mag’s for them, I think I might have converted some to the FX side. The great shot count meant that I didn’t have to refill once, especially the Impact with the big capacity bottle. The Donny Fl Tanto drew a bit of attention, too, and raised the question, “Is it out of air?” HARD TO SEE TARGETS Time to get back on the gun and try out a few of the other targets at the top end; a spinning windmill was repeatedly and constantly hit along with the various resettable targets. The consistent accuracy and reliabilit­y never ceases to impress me, and I found myself getting into a ‘zone’ where I could hear nothing apart from my heartbeat and see nothing but the target, and I was rinsing off targets like there was no tomorrow. I then heard the words, ‘there are some really tough targets out there, if you can see them … some hanging meercats’. I scanned round with the 3-12 x 16 Airmax and the Impact, eventually found them and soon had them all dancing on their hangers, much to the annoyance of the other shooters. I could hear Rhys pinging several other targets and chuckling at his success, and I was pleased to see he was using his TTR with the Hawke gives a decent indication of power and speed, but it can be affected by poor light conditions. We ran the Tac over the chrono’ and it gave a constant 10.84 ft.lbs., which equates to around 552fps – way too slow with 16s – so it was sent to Sportsman Gun Centre under warranty, to check for a suspected leak, which became apparent after I’d returned home. I am happy to report that the leak has been fixed and the power adjusted to 11.57 ft. lbs./535.94fps. Lola is now firing on all cylinders and I have to say a huge thanks to SGC for a great job and service. I was kept informed every step of the way, and spoke to their gunsmiths a few times before they sent the Tac back … I might have to treat her to something … what do you think? POWER PROBLEM SORTED Something that had been bothering me was the power on the Tac. I had a Crombo 625, which I 61 www.airgunshoo­ AIRGUN WORLD

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