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Rti Arms Prophet Bullpup : 71 : 71

Rti Arms Prophet Bullpup

RTI ARMS PROPHET BULLPUP MAGAZINE PERFORMANC­E? IS THAT BUTT PAD COMFY? Function was faultless, and if you can drop pellets into a chamber, you can use this magazine, no problem at all. The ‘swap-around’ capability is a bit of simple genius, but I’d recommend you concentrat­e on which side you’re loading, because I messed up a couple of times and inadverten­tly prepared the mag’ for insertion on the left-hand side. Sad to say, but I’d probably place a discreet little sticker on the ‘facing me’ side of the Prophet’s magazine as a visual reminder. Not particular­ly, is my answer to that, but I can’t say I really noticed any lack of contouring or contact, apart from when I shot the rifle wearing a shirt, rather than a jacket. Our shoulders aren’t flat and straight, but a shooting jacket will perfectly accommodat­e the Prophet’s alloy butt plate. That said, I’d have something curved and comfy custom-made to improve contact. TECH SPEC Model: Prophet Manufactur­er: RTI ARMS Country of origin: Slovenia Price: £1300 including 500cc carbon-fibre bottle and multi-shot magazine Type: Pre-charged, multi-shot, sporter Calibre: .22, .177, and .25 ENOUGH HANDLING CONTROL? Cocking/loading: Sidelever, via a 14-shot magazine (12-shot in .22, 10 in .25) A PROPER TRIGGER? Trigger: 2-stage, adjustable, with manual, resettable safety Stock type: Anodised aluminium, ambidextro­us Weight: 3 kg (6.6 lbs) Rifle only Length: 762 mm (30 ins) Barrel: 510 mm (20 ins) Fill pressure: 300 bar Shots per charge: 650 in .22 - 550 in .177 at sub-12 ft.lbs. WHAT USE IS THIS RAIL? Average energy: 11.6 ft.lbs. Contact: City Airweapons 0121 742 1329 (07483 424 946) Tel: 0121 742 1329 RRP £1300 71 www.airgunshoo­ AIRGUN WORLD

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