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Swapping To Synthetic Seals : 76 : 76

Swapping To Synthetic Seals

CLUB VISIT O n a recent trip to South Wales, I arranged to meet up with Rhys, an old mate from the valleys. He’d booked us into The Foxcombe Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Range, a new club in Manorbier, Pembrokesh­ire, very new and cleared only for sub-12 ft.lbs. airguns, but I wanted to try out my FX Dreamline .22 Compact Tactical and the FX .177 Impact and this was the perfect place for it. Rhys is an awesome shot, and I have witnessed him literally stack pellet on pellet. His choice of guns for the day were the Daystate Pulsar, the Theoben TTR and a HW100 BTAS, and all are pretty much tricked up for accuracy as you’d expect. We put the world to rights on our journey to the club and as we pulled into the driveway, I could feel my eyes widening because the place looked awesome, with plenty of parking space, proper toilet facilities, and the actual range looked brand new. In fact, work only started in February 2019 and even with CV-19 slowing things down, the guys, Ceri, Steve (the owners) and Ryan, with help from friends and family, opened the doors to the public in July this year. The range reaches out from 10 to 77 yards, with a vast array of targets from windmill-type spinners to the typical knock-down targets. Their dream was to open the biggest and most interestin­g range in Wales, and I would say it is ‘mission accomplish­ed’. SPRINT HUB Foxcombe is to become a Target Sprint hub for Wales, where you can run a 400m track before taking to the targets with bespoke target airguns – sounds exhausting but fun, and the growing popularity of this event along with the involvemen­t of Air Arms, gives an indication of the upward trajectory of this range. So, if you find yourself near West Wales, give Foxcombe a try. It’s well organised, beautifull­y set out, very well priced and profession­ally run by true enthusiast­s. You won’t be disappoint­ed! VARIOUS DEALS The range is an outdoor affair and is totally fenced in, but the shooting points are under cover, and the enthusiasm and profession­alism of Steve and Ryan, the range officers, was a joy to see. They have shooting background­s, and the love of the job just oozes from them and is quite infectious. Safety is of utmost importance, of course, and full safety briefings are standard. Families are encouraged to participat­e, and various deals are available for groups sharing lanes. Everything you need is available, guns, pellets, air, targets and advice. I LINKS­ooting https://www.targetspri­ 76 AIRGUN WORLD www.airgunshoo­

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