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Airgun Tune-up : 80 : 80

Airgun Tune-up

the face of the breech block because if it were to sit proud, it could foul the stock, all very important factors to consider when making a part like this. As you would expect from V-Mach, it is blued to match the gun’s original finish. These are available for the HW break-barrels from the HW30 model upwards, but not for the underlever­s because their use would be superfluou­s. The pin was replaced, and the 2mm-size hex screw tightened. Locking compound should not be required, but if necessary, just use the medium-strength type. As mine was just tightened, I will keep a check on the screw’s security from time to time. REPLACE THE REKORD To replace the trigger, it’s always my preference to cock the trigger first, by pushing down on the top sear, whilst simultaneo­usly engaging the rear one. This makes it a whole lot easier to fit, but once back in place, don’t forget to pull the trigger, otherwise the gun will fail to cock. Get the safety catch and its spring into position, and hold it in as the trigger is offered 80 AIRGUN WORLD www.airgunshoo­

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