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12 NEWS & MAIL WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2020 YOUR VIEWS Letters each year that Hampshire’s household waste is costing. There are many aspects to reducing waste from upcycling to composting, but this survey is specifical­ly looking at large household items such as sofas and tables to try to find out how we can encourage more people to consider re-use. The online survey is open to all Hampshire residents until August 17. The results of the survey will help inform the county council’s Smart Living campaign, which began in 2015 to encourage people to make small changes to their lifestyles in order to waste less and save more. For more informatio­n visit www.­cycling/ smartlivin­g. time, honour individual­s who have made an extraordin­ary impact in their community – especially those who have adapted during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to National Lottery players, up to £600 million has been made available to support groups and organisati­ons across the country amid the coronaviru­s crisis. People have been using this funding in amazing ways and we want to honour them for their selfless dedication and fantastic work as part of the National Lottery Awards. Encompassi­ng all areas of National Lottery funding, we are seeking to recognise outstandin­g individual­s in the following sectors; arts, education, health, environmen­t, sport, heritage and community/charity. In addition, there will be a young hero award for someone under the age of 18. Award winners will receive an iconic National Lottery Awards trophy and £3,000 for their organisati­on. If your readers know of a ‘lockdown legend’ or a ‘hometown hero’, they can nominate them for a National Lottery Award by completing an entry form on our website www.lotterygoo­dcauses. All nominees must have been funded by The National Lottery or be associated with a National Lottery funded project. Entries must be received by midnight on August 19. Reader poem: Lockdown Lament by Pat Thacker I’ve caught up with friends Which feels pretty weird Although social distancing Is not as bad as I feared THERE’S a new boss in town It’s called Covid-19 Everything’s so surreal Is this actually a dream? Councillor Rob Humby, Deputy leader of Hampshire County Council It’s just like the war they say/And we survived it then/With a stiff upper lip/We can do it again. It’s still not the same But we’ve got each other And as the PM says We’re in this together I’m so scared as It’s a virus we can’t see Everyone is getting ill Just hope it won’t be me Sight impaired must be consulted on road rules WITH lockdown easing, it’s clear the government wants us to become more active, return to work and dine out again. To support this, local authoritie­s have already begun to create new cycle lanes, e-scooter trials have started, and more tables and chairs are appearing on our pavements. But some of these changes are having a direct impact on blind and partially sighted people, who can’t see where new cycle lanes cross walkways, find it difficult to identify silent e-scooters and have paths blocked by al-fresco dining outside restaurant­s. It’s essential that local authoritie­s consult with disabled people to consider the effect these changes may have on people who are blind or partially sighted, or who have other mobility issues. Space for new cycle lanes should be taken from roads, have controlled crossings, and not affect bus stop access. E-scooter trials must not inadverten­tly increase obstacles on the pavement, and businesses considerin­g putting furniture outside should think about how disabled people will navigate around it. Our ‘new normal’ should be as open and inclusive as possible, to help everyone get back outside – not make it more difficult. We’ve stood on our doorsteps And clapped the NHS For keeping us safe Our gratitude to express No-one is immune Even the PM got sick This bug is indiscrimi­nate As to whom it will pick Pat Thacker I know one day I will wake up to find It’s all over And with relief leave it all behind Now we’re in lockdown It really is a pain Not to see friends and family It’s just not the same There’s one compensati­on For staying at home You can eat all you like But I appear to have grown But they won’t believe us In centuries to come How we beat a pandemic By staying at home It’s just like the war they say And we survived it then With a stiff upper lip We can do it again I never got round To being self sufficient By growing vegetables I’m not that proficient Pat Thacker Jonathan Tuchner Farnboroug­h National Lottery Awards They closed the shops Cinemas and the like Now everyone is walking Or getting on their bike The lockdown is easing But it’s really a pain To wear masks and gloves On buses and train(s) Council survey aims to reduce furniture waste ‘Take a Friend Fishing’ running until October The gyms were closed The playground­s were empty We were allowed out to exercise With dog walks aplenty HAMPSHIRE County Council has launched a survey (hampshirec­c. researchfe­ asp?k=1592819478­30) to gather people’s views on the value of second hand items of furniture – as part of efforts to help reduce the volume of waste in Hampshire. Views are being sought whether people have never brought a second-hand item before or if people are a regular donators and buyers. This survey is a bit different from others we have done before. Residents will be asked to value furniture from different sources and in different conditions. The responses will help us to understand which factors influence people’s second-hand purchasing behaviours and the informatio­n will be used to understand the best way to re-use or upcycle large furniture items. As resources and public finances are squeezed, it’s important we look at all options to reduce volumes of waste in the system to try to bring down the £100 million THE 2020 Take A Friend Fishing (TAFF) initiative is going from strength to strength. The first two-week window of 2020 was a big success engaging more new anglers than any previous running. We are now preparing for the second phase from August 14 to October 4. This second phase is far longer than has ever been run before and is a direct result of the hard work being done by Angling Trades Associatio­n (ATA), Angling Trust and others in conjunctio­n with the Environmen­t Agency behind the scenes for the good of angling. Running the initiative until October gives us the chance to cover all angling discipline­s for some part of their season. For more details call 0333 5779970 or visit www. anglingtra­des associatio­ The kids were home schooled And running amok But now its time to go back And learn by the clock The world came to a standstill With no planes flying People were stranded And people were dying It’s back to work After working from home Its business as usual No longer alone It’s been four long months And I’m getting bored With my own company And food that I’ve stored No more sitting at the computer And internet meetings You can’t wear your PJs For face to face greetings I wish I hadn’t stockpiled Those tins of baked beans Now I’ll have to use that loo roll I’m bursting at the seams The furlough’s over No more decorating to be done No more playing with the kids But it really was fun Eleanor Thompson RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) I’m sick of repeats Of Coronation Street and EastEnder(s) If the pubs weren’t closed I’d go on a bender The shops are opening I knew it couldn’t last Now home deliveries Will be a thing of the past Chance to nominate your ‘lockdown legend’ THE 2020 National Lottery Awards are now open for entries. This year the annual search for the UK’s favourite National Lottery funded projects will, for the first Let me out, let me out I can take it no more But I can’t go out It’s against the law We couldn’t have done it Without social media And can now go on holiday Courtesy of Expedia Anna Santoro The Angling Trades Associatio­n Limited PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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