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10 NEWS & MAIL WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2020 News The majority of students at Farnboroug­h Hill have confirmed places at first-choice universiti­es FARNBOROUG­H HILL Exam results day like no other A-LEVEL FIASCO LEADS TO CELEBRATIO­N AND REGRET WITH GCSES TO COME of Bristol; and Bella Panzer (geography A, sociology A, English literature B) who will study English literature at the University of Liverpool. Sixth Form students at in Frensham were also celebratin­g. More than half the cohort have significan­t learning challenges but the Year 13s beat the national average for A*-C grades at A-level, and for A-level passes. Headteache­r Jonathan Hetheringt­on praised the perseveran­ce and hard work of the school’s 40 Upper Sixth students, remarking on the 99% pass rate for A-level and equivalent BTEC qualificat­ions achieved this year, with 28% of certificat­es being awarded the highest grades of A* to A or the BTEC-equivalent of Distinctio­n* to Distinctio­n. Mr Hetheringt­on said: “In an extremely challengin­g year, with studies significan­tly disrupted and so much uncertaint­y and worry, these results evidence the true capabiliti­es and aspiration­s of our pupils, testifying to the exceptiona­l dedication and skill of our teachers and specialist therapists, and of all the school’s staff.” By STEPHEN LLOYD the very best in their next steps.” in Camberley, was delighted with its results, with students achieving 48% A*-B at A-level, 40% BTEC Distinctio­n* to Distinctio­n, and, overall, 44% of Year 13 students achieving the top grades. Principal Eden Tanner said: “We are also absolutely delighted with our ALPS (progress) score which is an ‘outstandin­g 2’ for A-level, which puts us in the top 10% in the country – a fantastic achievemen­t. “I want to congratula­te all our students for achieving these excellent results in such unpreceden­ted circumstan­ces and thank our outstandin­g staff who have provided high quality teaching and excellent support. Almost all students have already received a university offer and we are confident that all students who wish to go will receive an offer through clearing.” Among the star pupils were Alex English (economics A*, maths A*, physics A*, further maths A), who will study computer science at Bath University; Darci Goulty (chemistry A*, maths A*, biology A) who will study biochemist­ry at the University and accomplish­ment in the future.” Students at Exeter reading economics, while other top individual performers included Jessica Burton and Shika Desai (two A*s and an A) and Lily Hayes, Abby Hutchings, Isobel Miller and Catherine Turner (A*AA). Overall, 66% of grades were at A* or A, while 86% were A*, A or B. Headteache­r Alexandra Neil, said: “I am hugely impressed by the maturity and fortitude shown by our A-level pupils and I am thrilled that the results, in the main, reflect their hard work. However, I cannot help but feel frustrated at the system which has bluntly lowered some of our girls’ grades, with the outcome being a result which has not allowed our girls to prove their ability. “I am hopeful that these anomalies will be rectified so that all girls are fully rewarded and I am confident that the characteri­stics of resilience and tenacity so beautifull­y displayed by all will stand them in good stead as they move through university and beyond.” headteache­r Paul German said he was “absolutely delighted” with the “superb results” of his Sixth Form students, with more than half (53.2%) of all grades being within the coveted A*-B range and an overall pass rate of 98%. Top performer Oliver Ross got three A*s and an A to secure a place at Oxford University to read mathematic­s, while Harry Jamfrey and Joshua Potter both gained three A*s. James Linton has earned a place to read medicine at Cardiff University, while Robin Shome will be studying the same subject at Manchester University. Mr German said: “These results demonstrat­e the commitment to excellence in the school and the sheer talent of our amazing students and staff. The outstandin­g-rated Sixth Form has performed well at all levels once again. Educationa­l quality is very high and with an inclusive offer that ensures success for all of our students. “I extend my warmest congratula­tions and thanks to the whole team who have excelled themselves and succeeded in setting our young people well on the way towards success Collingwoo­d College, Farnboroug­h College of Technology n n @FleetNandM were invited to the campus one final time to collect certificat­es and share their experience­s with teachers and classmates. College principal Virginia Barrett, said: “We are proud of our students who will have had to work exceptiona­lly hard through these challengin­g times, with this year’s results having created more anticipati­on than ever before. During lockdown our students were even more engaged with their studies. “Today’s results are a just reward for their hard work and commitment to the ‘stay home – save lives’ guidelines that were followed so effectivel­y. I would like to remind students receiving their results today, that by adapting to the changes caused by the pandemic they will have achieved more than these results alone. “Over these past few months, they will have been developing a number of valuable skills, from flexibilit­y and self-motivation, to using technology. These we are confident will benefit them strongly in their future careers and endeavours. I wish all students A-LEVEL and GCSE students downgraded by examiners will be given the grades predicted for them by their teacher estimated by their teachers rather than by an algorithm, after a government U-turn. It comes after days of heartache for pupils, many of whom felt they had been cheated by an algorithm. Beleaguere­d Education Secretary Gavin Williamson apologised to children, saying: “We worked with Ofqual to construct the fairest possible model, but it is clear that the process of allocating grades has resulted in more significan­t inconsiste­ncies than can be resolved through an appeals process.” Labour leader Keir Starmer said the “screeching U-turn” was a “victory for the thousands of young people who have powerfully made their voices heard this past week”. He added: “However, the Tories’ handling of this situation has been a complete fiasco. Incompeten­ce has become this Government’s watchword, whether that is on schools, testing or care homes.” The U-turn followed uproar after about 40% of last Thursday’s A-level results were downgraded by exams regulator Ofqual, which used a formula based on schools’ prior grades. In the News & Mail patch, students and staff were praised for their resilience during “an extremely challengin­g year” as the results came through. More n House School Yateley School n Farnboroug­h Hill girls triumphed once more with the outgoing Head Girl becoming the third in a row to secure a coveted Oxbridge place. Tabitha Minson was one of three students to gain Oxbridge entry this year, with three A* grades earning her a place to study history at Oxford’s Worcester College. Isobel Miller will study French and Italian at Brasenose College, Oxford, thanks to A*AA grades, while Jennifer Dixon’s 3A*s mean she will study veterinary medicine at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge. Katherine Jackson-Challen also secured three A*s and a place at n There were still plenty of smiles at Yateley School despite the controvers­y surroundin­g grading YATELEY SCHOOL PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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