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16 NEWS & MAIL WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2020 YOUR COMMUNITY NEWS Author and commentato­r join forces to create Animalympi­cs IN BRIEF Zoom link-ups give dementia carers support A CARE company operating across Surrey and Hampshire has brought music and movement back into the lives of people living with dementia and their carers. Prior to the coronaviru­s pandemic Right at Home GF, who offer homecare in Aldershot, Farnboroug­h and Fleet, ran a number of community groups, including Singing for the Mind and Love to Move. Rather than decide to postpone the classes the company has decided to move classes online for free. Alastair Shanks, managing director at Right at Home GF said: “Recognisin­g that it is likely to be some time before we can run our community groups with everybody in the same room, we decided that we needed to find an alternativ­e way to offer support. “We have been running our community groups via the video link-up Zoom for a few weeks and they are going really well. “Whilst we recognise the sessions are not quite the same as meeting in person, they do provide some social interactio­n, exercise and a bit of fun to break up the week.” The sessions take place every Tuesday and are free to attend. Email hello@righathome­ if you are interested in taking part. If required, Right at Home can help with accessing Zoom. A CHILDREN’S author has teamed up with a sports champion from Hampshire to raise funds for UK Zoos. Hampshire sports commentato­r Katherine Bett from Fleet, has joined forces with a children’s author to raise funds for UK zoos, including Colchester Zoo. Katherine, who has made her name as a commentato­r for the Internatio­nal Orienteeri­ng Federation, has partnered with Josie Dom, author of popular children’s picture books Lum and Lum’s Mum. Josie’s latest project is a poem on the animal kingdom Olympics (Animalympi­cs) where animals compete instead of humans. Katherine said: “I was delighted when Josie asked me to help out by reading a section of Animalympi­cs. “I thought it was such a fun idea to tell the story of animal Olympics to raise money for zoos who have been struggling for income during the lockdown. “As a commentato­r for orienteeri­ng and athletics, I was pleased to be able to read an extract.” The poem, which was inspired during lockdown when Josie’s daughter claimed sloths were good swimmers, soon got the creative juices flowing. Josie said: “I soon got plotting with my family which animals would be great at the particular Olympic sports. The result: an epic poem with buffalo playing football, Hampshire sports commentato­r Katherine Bett EPIC POEM WILL HELP RAISE FUNDS FOR ZOOS THAT HAVE SUFFERED LOSS OF REVENUE DURING LOCKDOWN helps-zoos), donors will receive via email a daily video covering the Animalympi­cs in place of the expected Olympics coverage. Donors have the opportunit­y to nominate their favourite zoo and all money raised will go to the zoos themselves to use to meet their daily operating costs. Katherine Grainger 2012) and Marcus (Olympics 2016). The fundraisin­g campaign sees athletes reading their sport’s verse from Josie’s Animalympi­cs poem, in exchange for a donation to Josie’s GoFundMe campaign (www.­cs- (Olympics Mepstead orangutans Woodpecker whole thing.” Fronting the initiative with Josie and Katherine are ex-Olympians from Team GB, including David Hemery CBE (Olympics Gold 1968), Wendy Smith (Paralympic­s 2004), Jo Mersh (Olympics 2004), playing tennis and Will organising the Step by Step for homeless ALDERSHOT-BASED charity Step by Step has announced that tickets are now on sale for its Step by Step Sleep Out 10th anniversar­y event. Sleep Out Extreme will see participan­ts sleeping out at Farnboroug­h Business Park in Farnboroug­h on October 9 to raise money to help the charity help young people who, without help, might otherwise have to sleep rough. There will be a marquee at the site in case the weather turns bad and their will also be hot drinks, food and toilet facilities all available. Entry is £10 per person during August and September. The event is not suitable for children under eight and all social distancing and government guidance for outside events will be followed. A young girl gets comfy ahead of the 2019 Sleep Out INGRID WEEL PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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