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4 NEWS & MAIL WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2020 News Council’s plan to help get shoppers back to town centre divides opinion of traders Fleet town centre, quiet during the Covid-19 lockdown PEDESTRIAN­ISATION TO ALLOW SOCIAL DISTANCING AROUND FLEET ROAD STORES By STEPHEN LLOYD part-pedestrian­isation scheme. Diversion routes will be signposted and emergency access will be maintained. The move will allow restaurant­s and cafes to use the pavement for additional seating and allow more room for shoppers to pass and queue as necessary to enter shops, subject to a tables and chairs licence. The measures follow Government guidance on public health during the pandemic and will be monitored closely to ensure they meet the community’s needs. Councillor Graham HDC cabinet member @FleetNandM PLANS to temporaril­y close part of Fleet town centre so residents and visitors can continue to shop safely during the coronaviru­s pandemic have divided opinion. Fleet Road will be temporaril­y closed between Church Road and Victoria Road from Monday, August 24, so more shoppers can maintain social distancing and support the economic recovery for the business community. Hart District Council (HDC) is working with Hampshire County Council (HCC), supported by Fleet Town Council and Fleet Business Improvemen­t District (BID), on the more effective.” However, some traders and residents say the plan is poorly conceived and has been enforced on the town without any consultati­on. They warn that footfall is already at an all-time low and now the disabled will not be able to park convenient­ly in the town, deliveries will not be able to be made, emergency vehicles will be slowed down considerab­ly and buses will be removed from the town centre. For more details about the closure, visit Anyone with comments about how the scheme is working should email All feedback will be reviewed, but individual responses will not be provided. promote the town centre which could include a wide range of events and, ultimately, attractive landscapin­g.” Councillor Rob Humby, HCC deputy leader and executive member for economy, transport and environmen­t, said: “The idea behind these schemes is to support social distancing for those walking and cycling, supporting local businesses as we move into a stabilisat­ion phase after lockdown by giving people the confidence to return to the high street. “The schemes are experiment­al, and, of necessity, they have had to be put in quickly; if they’re not effective for whatever reason, they will come out just as quickly and we will then concentrat­e on other measures that are proving to be nomic developmen­t, said: “As cars return to the streets and businesses re-open, we need to make changes to keep everyone on our streets safe. This step will play an active role in rejuvenati­ng Fleet town centre and helping local businesses get back on their feet. “National guidelines will undoubtedl­y change, and we will keep the measures under review, but we hope this temporary measure will give visitors more confidence that they can safely shop in Fleet.” Fleet BID chairman Bruce Bulgin said: “We are strongly in agreement that public safety is the priority. Pedestrian­isation has been a success in many other towns and we see the trial road closure as an opportunit­y to utilise the space to We hope this temporary measure will give visitors confidence that they can safely shop. Cllr Graham Cockarill Cockarill, for eco- £500,000 bank loan helps aviation cleaning firm lifted. The loan from HSBC UK has allowed us to be flexible in these challengin­g times.” Ian Nash, of HSBC UK, said: “Like many businesses, Up & Away’s future was at risk overnight due to the pandemic. “As a long-serving customer, it was important to provide the team with funding that would support them through a period of lost revenue, as well as enabling the business to be prepared for when the sector got back on its feet.” adapt its offering to the changing industry climate and is now assisting more and more clients as the number of flights continue to rise. Managing director Stefan Murphy said: “The aviation sector was massively impacted by Covid19, which created huge uncertaint­y for us. “We needed the financial support to enable us to adapt to the situation and be ready for business as soon as flight restrictio­ns were A FARNBOROUG­H aviation cleaning specialist has secured a £500,000 loan from HSBC UK through the Coronaviru­s Business Interrupti­on Loan Scheme. Up & Away Aviation Services, which provides interior and exterior cleaning and ground services to the UK’s commercial aircraft industry, was heavily impacted by the pandemic. But thanks to the bank loan, the company is now in a financial position to respond to the growing Up & Away has secured a £500,000 loan from HSBC UK enabled the team to invest in delivering new disinfecti­on and fumigation services for aircraft. Up & Away was able to quickly demand from the sector as limitation­s are lifted. The funding has helped support the company’s cashflow and PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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