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23 NEWS & MAIL WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2020 SPOTLIGHT I’m stunned at the money I’ve spent on things that are now all but SHOW BUZZ ALL THE LATEST FROM THE WORLD OF ENTERTAINM­ENT free Dr Heather Martin and writer Lee Child THRILLERS ARE CHILD’S PLAY AN exclusive interview with best-selling thriller writer Lee Child is to be broadcast live across the world this month as part of the Stratford Literary Festival. In Reacher, Prospero and Me, he talks to biographer Dr Heather Martin about Shakespear­e’s influence on his life and work. The September 28 event ties in with the launch of Lee’s biography The Reacher Guy and will be broadcast via the Eventbrite platform with a link at stratlitfe­, with a suggested Pay-What-You-Can ticket price from £5. LUKE Comedian Tom Price tells how his podcast delves into the purchase history of his guests... with surprising results RIX-STANDING Where did the idea for your podcast My Mate Bought A Toaster come from? We’ve all bought daft things on the internet – now comedian Tom Price is entertaini­ng us with stuff celebs have picked up I BOUGHT endless c**p when we first had kids and I was going through my history trying to find a special pillow I’d bought that’s supposed to help them sleep. I accidental­ly ended up back in 2001 and my purchases were just the weirdest things. It was like time travel. There was me – this tired, late-30s dad creature – suddenly looking at the greatest hits of Britney Spears on DVD, Brain Training for the [Nintendo] DS, and a VHS recorder. I bought a VHS recorder in 2001. What on earth was going on? Being the easily distracted idiot that I am, I fell into my first Amazon hole, much like we’re all used to falling into YouTube holes. I’m a stand-up comic and I do interviews on my radio show, so I thought if we started interviewi­ng people about purchases, it could bring a lot of things together. DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE AN immersive Doctor Who theatre experience with Daleks, Time Lords and Cybermen will launch in London next year. Doctor Who: Time Fracture will transport the audience to 1940 and the Blitz, where a mysterious weapon destroys a corner of Mayfair and opens a rift in space and time. The show is from Immersive Everywhere, the team behind the long-running immersive theatre production of The Great Gatsby, and is licensed by BBC Studios. Time Fracture will run at Immersive LDN from February 17 and there will be a free preview for care workers on the front line of the pandemic. Are there any tells you’ve learned to spot? Stand-up Jessica Fostekew talked about buying an epilator, which I’d never heard of. Turns out it’s this thing invented by the patriarchy that literally tears hair from your body, and she ended up on antibiotic­s thanks to a badly infected leg. THE one I love is that absolutely without fail people hit 40 and start buying vitamins. I had Harriet Scott on, the breakfast radio DJ, and she had bought with a title like How To Bring Spice Back Into Your Love Life After You’ve Had A Child. She bought it in February, and had her second child that November. I’m not saying 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland is ‘art’, but we used to spend £50 on box sets. I did one with Ben Smith, broadcaste­r, comic and Zadie Smith’s brother, and he’d spent a grand on a DSLR camera, piles of DVDs, and a high-quality microphone. We have all of those on our devices now. Any major shopping shifts during lockdown? LOADS of people have bought resistance bands, that’s been a definite craze. Comedian Nick Helm bought a massive pack of Spam and three signed photos of Pamela Anderson (they were £5.99 and definitely fake). He was stocking up for lockdown, and wanted to decorate his downstairs loo. Have there been many adult toys? What was your strangest purchase? OH yes, we had one the other day. They’d tried to archive it but couldn’t because it hadn’t arrived. It was brilliant because the toy was designed to delay the moment of gratificat­ion, but had itself been delayed. Go to immersived­ for more informatio­n. ■ Can you get a real sense of people from their purchases? PROBABLY the dog biscuit cutter, for when I was making Christmass­haped biscuits for my dog. YEAH, I think so. People are often quite shocked but strangely heartened by their purchase history as they’re often trying to help themselves. They’ve bought some incredible self-help books. My favourite was comedian Cariad Lloyd, who bought Improve Your Handwritin­g, Improve Your Life. That actually exists. A LITTLE KNIGHT MUSIC RESCHEDULE­D dates have been announced for new musical The Drifters Girl starring Beverley Knight, inset, as The Drifters’ legendary manager Faye Treadwell in a show packed with hit songs like Stand By Me, Saturday Night At The Movies, Under The Boardwalk and Save The Last Dance For Me. The production will have its world premiere in Newcastle in October 2021, before a West End season at the Garrick Theatre in London. Have you had a favourite guest? Does comedy have an important role to play in difficult times? DOM JOLY was very, very good, because his Amazon history told the story of his life beautifull­y. He left the BBC and immediatel­y bought an Xbox and a 500-metre ethernet cable so he could play Call Of Duty in his home gym. Was there anyone whose purchases didn’t represent them? I BELIEVE so. It’s terribly sad our comedy venues are under threat, because we have literally the best comedy circuit in the world. This is a rainy country, and we love laughing at things being c**p, but so many clubs will close down. I met my wife in a comedy club. We’ve just got to hope things can open up soon. THERE was one, comedian Carl Donnelly. He bought things like How To Do Psychic Readings Through Touch and the Communist Manifesto. He had this weird, alternativ­e side that I don’t think even he realised was there. You get to know people really well by the end of it and you learn so much about men and women. And a favourite guest purchase? Have you done a podcast on yourself? ONE that always stands out is Kate Lawler, who was on Big Brother, buying a hot tub as a gift for fellow Big Brotheree Alison Hammond in 2012, so they could have a Big Brother reunion party. No one else ever knew about it. THAT was a Christmas special in series one. I was stunned by how much money I spent on things that are now all but free, which raises big questions about how we should pay for the arts. LISTEN to My Mate Bought A Toaster with Tom Price at ■ Go to thedrifter­ for further informatio­n. ■ PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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