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27 NEWS & MAIL WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2020 3 PENCIL Whenever that bond with baby kicks in – don’t feel you’ve been a bad mother before OF THE BEST... FRUGI X NATIONAL TRUST COLLECTION CRAFTY PENCIL CASE PERSONALIS­ED BEANO BIG HEADS CANVAS PENCIL CASE – DENNIS DITSY PINK PENCIL CASE A multi-pocket pencil case for your favourite pens and stationery. Made from 100% recycled materials No mistaking whose pencils these are. CASES FOR SCHOOL £8, shop.nationaltr­ust. £9.99, gettingper­sonal. £7.50, Paperchase KIDS’ PUZZLES! Can you spot the six difference­s between the pictures below? SPOT THE DIFFERENCE DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHER MUMS you feel to yourself, stress the experts. “Most importantl­y I’d urge mums who feel like this to talk to other parents, a trusted friend, family member or health profession­al about how they’re feeling, to get muchneeded support,” advises Amy. You could also try going to local groups like baby massage or breastfeed­ing groups, to help open up discussion­s with other mums. Anna adds: “If the feelings persist, it’s worth speaking to a profession­al such as your midwife, health visitor or GP to check there’s nothing underlying going on with regards to your mental and emotional health. “Becoming a parent takes time, and nobody’s born with the same or particular set of skills. Like any love, it often grows as time goes on and as every parent is different, so is every child.” IT’S easy to see or talk to other mums and think they have a closer bond with their baby than you have with yours. But – especially on social media – you really have no idea what’s going on inside their heads. They might be struggling as much, or more than you. The NCT suggests that if you’re finding social media sites are making you feel inadequate, stop using them as “they never tell the whole story”. And Anna says: “Never measure yourself against anyone else – many women worry they don’t fit the Hollywood/Instagram mould of being a doting fully-bonded mother.” WORDSEARCH Can you find all these fairy tale characters in the grid? H A I N Z R E M W B L A N M W W M R M U CINDERELLA OGRE GODMOTHER TALK TO OTHERS ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS PINOCCHIO REMEMBER you’re not alone and that a third of mums don’t bond with their baby immediatel­y. But don’t keep how GRETEL O I H C C O N I P X Q F X U G O L S D E A L L E R E D N I C C K L O T T O O A O N G O D M O T H E R S B G O G R E I M M E K M S H Z G T O M L R A P U N Z E L I RAPUNZEL HANSEL get little ones to go to sleep SNOW WHITE KING WOLF MERMAID will complain that they are too hot or too cold and can’t sleep as a result, while nearly a third will ask for a kiss or cuddle from their other parent, in a bid to stay up later. As many as 83% of parents find themselves going back to check their child has actually gone to sleep after they’ve left the room. In fact, more than half have walked in on their youngster playing with their toys when they should be asleep, while 28% of children have been caught playing on a tablet. A further 21% have been watching TV and a fifth have even been playing on a games console – when they should be in the land of nod. And six in 10 parents said their little one has also taken toys or video games into their bed to play with after ‘lights out’. In an attempt to help them nod off, 43% of mums and dads read stories to their kids and 29% will get creative and tell them tales instead of reading them. But more modern tactics are also being used with 15% turning to audiobooks or YouTube videos to settle children, and 7% even use podcasts. Solutions I L E Z N U P A R L MMRUMOCEX OM E RMA I DP T I H WW O N S I GE T MNO D L N Z R O ALT E O O H G M BWT R G C SO D MEO E U C MG O RZL L X H KBGN I K L F I ESNAHCAQO PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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