Fire lance


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Gun­pow­der was in­vented in China around the 10th cen­tury and was quickly weaponised to make bombs, mines and rock­ets. the first prim­i­tive firearm was a spear tied with a bam­boo tube that could shoot ar­rows. it was known as the huǒ qiāng (‘fire lance’) be­cause the pro­jec­tiles would be fol­lowed by a gout of flame. it only had a range of three me­tres, so it’s thought sol­diers mostly fought hand-to-hand with spears while the gun­pow­der shot gave them an edge in close-quar­ter com­bat. Fire lances were car­ried by both reg­u­lar troops and the cav­alry at the siege of Yangzhou in 1276.

The fire lance was pi­o­neer­ing but was soon su­per­seded

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