22:00 BST on 09 May

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Con­stel­la­tion: Li­bra

Mag­ni­tude: -2.5


If Venus wasn’t shin­ing so brightly over in the west, this month’s even­ing sky would be­long to Jupiter. Shin­ing at mag­ni­tude -2.5 the largest world in our So­lar Sys­tem is brighter than any of the stars in the sky, only out­shone by Venus and the Moon. At the start of the month it will be ris­ing around 10pm, and by month’s end will be vis­i­ble low in the east from sun­set. On 9 May Jupiter reaches op­po­si­tion, when it will be a very strik­ing sight in the east af­ter dark. Look for the Moon shin­ing to the planet’s up­per right af­ter dark on 29 April, and to its lower left on the even­ing of the 30th. Binoc­u­lars will show you the four largest of its fam­ily of 69 moons.

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