How to di­vide a hardy gera­nium

Amateur Gardening - - Your Gardening Week -

1 Wa­ter the plant well to min­imise its shock, keep the root­ball hy­drated and make it eas­ier to dig up.

2 Us­ing a fork, loosen the soil all the way around the plant, then care­fully lever it from the ground.

3 Split the plant ei­ther with a sharp knife or spade blade, or by teas­ing the roots apart with your fin­gers.

4 Dis­card di­vi­sions that are dam­aged or have poor root sys­tems. Re-plant the rest at the same depth as their roots.

5 Wa­ter the di­vi­sions well and add a layer of nu­tri­tious mulch to keep the soil hy­drated and sup­press weeds.

6 Us­ing sharp, clean se­ca­teurs, cut off dead or dam­aged fo­liage and flow­ers to keep plants healthy and look­ing good.

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