Bob’s top tips for the week

Amateur Gardening - - Your Gardening Week -

1 Start a leaf-mould bin and keep adding to it – it’s the best soil and com­post im­prover you can get. 2 Take foot-long cut­tings of black­cur­rants, red­cur­rants, grapes and goose­ber­ries, trim faded leaves fade and push into soil. 3 Stop reg­u­lar wa­ter­ing of most ten­der plants in con­tain­ers un­der cover (like this strep­to­car­pus). From now on give just enough to stop them wilt­ing. 4 Be­ware: as the nights be­gin to cool it’s now that ro­dents move into sheds, green­houses, cel­lars, garages and at­tics. Block ob­vi­ous holes and set pre­cau­tions.

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