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1 Sev­eral yarrows! (9)

7 Avena sativa – the ce­real grass crop (4) 8 Fa­mous pub­lic school near Wind­sor, as in betony (4) 9 A chopped up piece of tree is mainly cho­co­late at Christ­mas! (3) 11 Craggy out­crop of rock on the sum­mit of a hill, as in the hosta va­ri­ety ‘De­von ___’ (3) 12 An ar­gu­ment… of car­rots per­haps! (3) 13 Genus name for the poppy (7) 14 A gar­land of flow­ers in Hawaii (3)

15 Found in an an­ther, and in every herb: the form of ‘she’ used af­ter a prepo­si­tion or as the ob­ject of a verb! (3) 16 A Chris­tian re­li­gious woman who lives by cer­tain vows, as in the shrub rose ‘The ___’, and Camel­lia

japon­ica ‘White ___’ (3) 18 Shout for four-fifths of the bog arum genus! (4)

19 Cut a branch or stem with shears or clip­pers, typ­i­cally with small, quick strokes (4)

20 Sev­eral wake robins or wood lilies (9)


1 The larva of a but­ter­fly or moth – many types of which are a pest in the gar­den (11)

3 Found in the lid of an out­door swim­ming pool! (4)

4 Genus name for the snap­dragon (11)

5 Trop­i­cal trail­ing plant genus, grown for its showy sum­mer flow­ers, known var­i­ously by the com­mon names sun plant, rose moss and moss roses (9) 6 Sev­eral galan­thus! (9) 9 Plant of the pea fam­ily with deeply di­vided leaves and tall colour­ful ta­per­ing spikes of flow­ers (5)

10 TV gar­dener and gar­den de­signer Diar­muid _____ (5)

17 This ob­scure rape­seed cul­ti­var is also a moun­tain range is in the West Rus­sian Fed­er­a­tion, ex­tend­ing north and south from the Arc­tic Ocean (4)

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