Get win­now­ing

Amateur Gardening - - Toby Buckland -

WIN­NOW­ING is the fab­u­lous process of sep­a­rat­ing the seeds from their cas­ings and spent petals known as ‘chaff’. Put the seed-heads in a bowl and scrunch-up be­tween your fin­gers to pop the ker­nels from the cases. Then stand­ing out­side with the wind at your back, gen­tly toss the con­tents into the air, gen­tly blow­ing across the bowl at the same time. Be­cause seeds are heav­ier than the chaff, they fall back into the bowl while all the stems, petals and un­wanted green­ery blows away. Pour the seed back into a la­belled en­ve­lope and keep in drawer for sow­ing in spring.

To sep­a­rate seeds from their cases, try win­now­ing

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