Make new shrubs from hard wood

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Firm in the cut­tings and water them well. Don’t let them dry out and tread down soil if it is lifted by frost.

1 Dig a trench in a shel­tered, freedrain­ing area and add well-rotted organic mat­ter and hor­ti­cul­tural sand.

2 Cut a long, healthy piece of this year’s growth and di­vide it into 6-12in (15-30cm) lengths.

3 Dip each cut­ting in hor­mone root­ing pow­der or gel for healthy root de­vel­op­ment. Tap off any ex­cess.

4 Insert the cut­tings in the trench around 6in (15cm) apart and in­fill around them with soil and sand.

If space is lim­ited, plant up the cut­tings in a large plant pot and over­win­ter them

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