Plant­ing and af­ter­care

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n Ev­er­green hedges should be planted early to mid-au­tumn, and de­cid­u­ous ones planted mid-au­tumn to late win­ter.

n Don’t at­tempt to plant in wa­ter­logged or frozen soil.

n Dig a trench 24-36in (60-90cm) wide and a spade’s depth deep.

n Spac­ing varies from 12-24in (30-60cm), de­pend­ing on the plant and the type of hedge.

n Spread out roots. En­sure the plant is po­si­tioned so the point at which the roots flare from the stem is level with the soil.

n Back­fill with soil and or­ganic mat­ter, then firm in place.

n Wa­ter well and keep well­wa­tered for the first two years.

n Mulch to re­tain mois­ture and sup­press weeds.

n Prune new de­cid­u­ous hedges in win­ter; new ever­greens in spring.

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