When do I move my clema­tis?

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Q I have a clema­tis in my gar­den that I would like to move. When is the best time? Gosia Lyson (via email)

A Your plant looks healthy and vig­or­ous, and worth keep­ing if you like it. If you would like to move it to an­other spot do so now, be­fore it starts to grow rapidly in spring.

The best time to move a clema­tis is in late win­ter dur­ing a mild spell when the ground is not frozen.

Firstly, pre­pare the new plant­ing po­si­tion by dig­ging in plenty of well­rot­ted or­ganic mat­ter and then dig a deep hole.

Next, cut back the top growth hard to about 45cm (18in) and dig out as much of the root ball as pos­si­ble.

Plant your clema­tis a few inches deeper than be­fore, as this will en­cour­age new shoots to ap­pear at the base. Then, firm the soil gen­tly, wa­ter well and pro­tect your plant from cold winds. For the first two years af­ter trans­plant­ing en­sure that the plant is well wa­tered and ap­ply an am­ple layer of mulch, such as well rot­ted gar­den com­post or ma­nure.

Move clema­tis in late win­ter

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