Mov­ing a shrub in six sim­ple steps

Amateur Gardening - - Your Gardening Week -

1 Make life eas­ier for your­self by ty­ing in loose branches be­fore mov­ing, so you are less likely to get one in the eye! 2 Care­fully dig around the shrub, try­ing not to dam­age the roots. Lift it from the ground keep­ing as much soil at­tached as pos­si­ble – wa­ter­ing be­fore­hand helps. 3 Pre­vent roots dry­ing out by wrap­ping them in a black plas­tic bin liner or damp­ened news­pa­per when you move the plant to its new spot.

4 Place the plant at the same depth as its root­ball. Check the depth is right us­ing a cane rest­ing on the soil. Add or re­move soil where nec­es­sary. 5 In-fill around the shrub us­ing re­moved soil with added com­post or well-rot­ted ma­nure if soil is thin. Firm it in well. 6 Wa­ter the site well to set­tle the soil and drench the roots. Add a layer of well-rot­ted or­ganic mulch to re­tain mois­ture and pro­tect the roots.

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