“There are great plant­ing kits for spring tulips” says Ruth

A ver­sa­tile favourite to plant many ways, says Ruth

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FOOD is never far from my mind at the best of times and, when you are plant­ing tulips, it’s hard to get away from it. Not that tulips are ed­i­ble how­ever. Far from it in fact – they are poi­sonous to eat and can be an ir­ri­tant and peo­ple who have sen­si­tive skin are ad­vised to wear gloves while han­dling them.

The rea­son they make me won­der if it’s lunchtime yet is down to two ways of plant­ing them, one tra­di­tional and one more mod­ern.

The tried and tested way of group­ing tulips with other, com­ple­men­tary va­ri­eties, is called ‘lasagna plant­ing’ (see right), be­cause the var­i­ous plants are lay­ered in a pot to cre­ate an in­tense burst of colour at dif­fer­ent heights.

A more mod­ern way of plant­ing sin­gle va­ri­eties is in a ‘pizza’, a cir­cu­lar tray hold­ing bulbs at the cor­rect width. This cre­ates a pleas­ing ar­range­ment when the plants shoot and flower.

Tulips come in a wide ar­ray of heights and styles, and their vel­vety petals can be found in ev­ery con­ceiv­able colour and com­bi­na­tion.

The gen­eral rule of thumb when plant­ing tulips is to set them in the ground at around three times the depth of a bulb, and one bulb’s width apart.

They do best in a sunny, shel­tered spot with fer­tile, free-drain­ing soil. If you have heavy clay, im­prove it by dig­ging in lots of well-rot­ted com­post or ma­nure. This will also im­prove the mois­ture con­tent of thin, sandy soils.

My tulip pizza came from Bakker Bulbs (✆ 0344 481 1001,  bakker. com), but check out gar­den cen­tres and su­per­mar­kets, and other on­line stock­ists such as Park­ers (✆ 0161 848 1100,  jpark­ers.co.uk), Bloms Bulbs (✆ 01234 709099,  bloms­bulbs.com), Peter Nyssen (✆ 0161 747 4000,  pe­ternyssen.com) or Van Meuwen (✆ 0333 400 0022,  van­meuwen.com).

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