Ruth ti­dies up her strawbs for the fi­nal time this year

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If your strawbs have put on more growth

ITHOUGHT I had al­ready given my straw­ber­ries all the tidy­ing up they needed, but a warm and wet early au­tumn has prompted them to put on lots more growth.

They have even pro­duced flow­ers and have a cou­ple of berries as well, though these won’t ripen now.

Now is the time to give your straw­ber­ries a fi­nal tidy up. Start by re­mov­ing any flow­ers and un­ripened berries as these will rot, giv­ing pests and dis­eases an easy en­try point. Also re­move ex­cess run­ners as these will take en­ergy from the main plant. Back in the sum­mer I pinned a few sprout­ing run­ners into pots of com­post. They have taken and are ready to cut from the par­ent plant and over­win­ter in an un­heated green­house. Sev­eral of my plants also sent out run­ners that have rooted nat­u­rally in the bed. I am leav­ing most of these and will cut them free next spring to cre­ate new plants that will re­place the old ones when the time is right.

Tidy up straw­ber­ries by re­mov­ing old leaves and un­wanted run­ners It is too late for berries to ma­ture and ripen

These run­ners have rooted nat­u­rally

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