How do I care for an in­door cy­cla­men?

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Q How should I look af­ter my in­door cy­cla­men (Cy­cla­men per­sicum)? Sue Mann (via email)

A It is rel­a­tively straight­for­ward to keep cy­cla­men go­ing as pot plants. In April or early May they start pro­duc­ing fewer flow­ers, and the leaves go yel­low. Stop feed­ing and re­duce the amount of wa­ter – you can stop when all the leaves have died away.

Once the corm is com­pletely dor­mant put it, in its pot, some­where cool and keep it dry un­til mid to late sum­mer when few new leaves start to ap­pear. Re­pot it – I use multi-pur­pose com­post, but a 50:50 mix of John Innes No2 and mul­ti­pur­pose would be fine.

Leave the top half of the corm ex­posed and don’t use too big a pot as cy­cla­men like be­ing slightly pot-bound.

Place the plant in a light but cool spot and start watering as re­quired. You can leave them out­side un­til mid-Oc­to­ber.

I start feed­ing when the plants are com­ing into flower and they are well rooted. Use a bal­anced feed, and dead­head spent flow­ers reg­u­larly.

Re-start dor­mant cy­cla­men in late sum­mer

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