Has our lemon been mildewed?

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Q My grand­son’s lemon tree in the lounge is de­vel­op­ing white leaves, as though it has mildew. Is this pos­si­ble? Mrs P Ran­som, Bex­hill-on-Sea, East Sus­sex

A Mildew is easy to deal with. Plants that are grow­ing in hu­mid air con­di­tions and are dry at the roots are most vul­ner­a­ble. If the lemon tree is in a warm liv­ing room, it is likely to need more wa­ter.

To re­store the plant to good health, it might be worth re­mov­ing the worst af­fected leaves so they are not a source of in­fec­tion for the plant.

When watering, try not to get wa­ter on the leaves as this will en­cour­age fun­gal growth. It may also be worth spray­ing with a fungi­cide if the in­fec­tion is bad.

Lemons in warm rooms need gen­er­ous watering

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