Bob’s top tips for the week

Amateur Gardening - - Your Gardening Week -

1 Buy and/or sow French marigolds, pot them up or plant by a green­house door and near toma­toes to keep white­fly away.

2 Sow sweet­corn out­doors and pro­tect them with open-ended tubes made from plas­tic bot­tles. The bot­tles also as­sist wa­ter­ing and earth­ing up.

3 Sow clumps of buck­wheat, crim­son clover, Phacelia tanaceti­fo­lia and pot marigolds in small clumps to at­tract ben­e­fi­cial in­sects through­out the sum­mer.

4 Tell neigh­bours you’re a spi­der sanc­tu­ary and to bring any they catch into your green­house! They feast on pests and never hurt plants.

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