6 less fa­mil­iar Con­va­l­laria

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Each leaf is neatly and pre­cisely striped along the veins, in a creamy-white that is some­times al­most yel­low. Both pretty and strik­ing, with those cus­tom­ary fra­grant white bells. Colours best in a lit­tle sun. H: 6in (15cm).


Unique in that each in­di­vid­ual flower is re­placed by a small clus­ter of tiny ones. From a dis­tance, the blooms ap­pear dou­ble; in fact, there are ex­tra tiny flow­ers, rather than ex­tra pe­tals. A long-flow­er­ing va­ri­ety. H: 7in (18cm).


A su­per­charged va­ri­ety that’s twice the height, with twice as many flow­ers that are twice the size of the usual form, but just as well scented. Sadly, de­spite the name, th­ese are white, not wine-red. H: 12in (30cm).

var rosea

Blooms are a lovely pale-rose pink, of­ten paler or white in­side, and will colour best out of di­rect sun­light. Just as fra­grant as the usual form, with the added bonus of pink tints to the base of the stems. H: 8in (20cm).

‘Hard­wick Hall’

Broad leaves fea­ture a slightly ir­reg­u­lar yel­low mar­gin and oc­ca­sional other stripes, which add colour with­out re­duc­ing vigour. Flow­ers are a lit­tle larger and plants a lit­tle taller than the stan­dard form. H: 10in (25cm).

‘Vic Pawlowski’s Gold’

Sim­i­lar to ‘Al­bos­tri­ata’, only with the veins picked out in yel­low. Also, here the stripes are broader and there are more of them. Very dra­matic, but not so easy to find in nurs­eries. Colours best in good light. H: 6in (15cm).

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