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QI un­der­stand that blue hy­drangeas need a cer­tain type of soil to keep their colour. Is this cor­rect? Mrs B Whittick, Mor­den, Sur­rey

AThe flower colour of types of hy­drangea plants varies ac­cord­ing to the pH (al­ka­lin­ity/acid­ity) of the soil or com­post in which they are grow­ing.

They have pink or mauve flow­ers in neu­tral to limey/chalky soils, whereas in acid (er­i­ca­ceous) soil/com­post the flow­ers are lilac to deep blue.

You can buy hy­drangea colourant (such as Glow­ing Suc­cess Hy­drangea Colourant) that can be used to keep blue hy­drangeas blue or turn pink ones blue.

Hy­drangeas with white blooms are un­af­fected by soil pH, but will some­times turn pink as they age.

Acid soils cause blue hy­drangea blooms

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