Can I move my mag­no­lia now?

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QI have a Mag­no­lia stel­lata in a pot and I would like to put it into the gar­den. It is in flower (for the first time – I bought it two years ago), so when is the best time to plant it in the ground? San­dra Vardy, York

AThere is no rea­son why you should not trans­fer your pot­ted Mag­no­lia stel­lata to the gar­den this month. Choose a sunny, well-drained po­si­tion.

Pre­pare a plant­ing hole three times the size of the tree’s root­ball and work a gen­er­ous quan­tity of well-rot­ted gar­den com­post or crumbly ma­nure into the sub­soil. Sprin­kle it with fish, blood and bone meal, and then mix it in well, to speed growth.

Wa­ter the tree in its pot a day be­fore mov­ing to en­sure that when you ease it from its con­tainer, the roots at­tached to the pot wall are not dam­aged.

Plant it at the same depth it was in its pot. If it is more than 6ft (1.8m) high, sup­port it with two posts linked with a cross­bar. Wrap old tights around the cross­bar and tie the trunk to it. It’s vi­tal that roots are not rocked and bro­ken by gusty wind while it gets es­tab­lished.

You can move mag­no­lias this month

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