Six of the best plants for ponds

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Typha min­ima Ideal around the mar­gins of a pond, dwarf reed mace boasts 2ft (60cm)-tall spikes topped with cylin­dri­cal brown flow­ers in late sum­mer

Iris pseu­da­corus Our own na­tive flag iris has broad green leaves and 3ft (90cm) tall stems car­ry­ing bright-yel­low flow­ers in early sum­mer

Jun­cus ef­fusus f. spi­ralis A crazy-look­ing ev­er­green, mar­ginal, corkscrew rush forms an un­ruly clump of curl­ing, leaf­less stems up to 2ft (60cm) in height

Nym­phaea ‘Pyg­maea Helvola’ A dwarf wa­ter lily with tiny yel­low flow­ers that emerge in sum­mer above 5in (12cm) green leaves mot­tled with red

Cype­rus in­volu­cra­tus The um­brella plant will add a trop­i­cal touch to ponds with its 2ft (60cm) tall stems ter­mi­nat­ing with a whorl of leafy bracts

Stra­tiotes aloides A free-float­ing pond plant, wa­ter sol­dier forms a rosette of spiky leaves fol­lowed by white flow­ers in mid-sum­mer

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