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2 Genus of the trum­pet vine (7) 6 Closed sided bas­ket made of wood or plas­tic (4) 7 Nor­we­gian cap­i­tal and a cul­ti­var of aga­pan­thus (4) 8 Bit­ter ___ of ap­ples is a dis­or­der that causes dark spots on the outer skin when in stor­age (3) 9 Potato tu­ber (as well as an onion or shal­lot bulb) used for plant­ing (3) 10 Or­nate vase for the pa­tio per­haps (3) 11 In botany, the em­bry­onic root of a newly ger­mi­nated seedling (7) 12 Con­tracted quan­tity! (1,1,1) 13 Ad­verb, as in the heuchera va­ri­ety ‘Wil­liam ___’ (3) 14 Pres­i­dent Eisen­hower’s fa­mous nick­name, as in the va­ri­ety of fim­bri­ated dahlia (3) 15 Leave out in dolomite! (4) 16 Gar­den of very for­mal de­sign in a square frame, fea­tur­ing aro­matic plants and culi­nary herbs, and edged with box (4) 17 The flame vi­o­let (house­plant) genus (7)


1 Genus of the dawn red­wood tree (11) 2 Cit­rus doyen in a ru­ral area! (11) (anag) 3 Sev­eral vin­cas (11) 4 This va­ri­ety of Vibur­num sar­gen­tii is also a river in Mary­land, USA (11) 5 Af­ter the rains of this win­ter, there is plenty of H2O be­neath the sur­face the soil! (6,5)

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