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Amateur Gardening - - This Week In Gardening -

1 If sow­ing in a con­tainer of used com­post, spread it on the bor­der first. Its nu­tri­tional value is slight, but it will im­prove the soil’s struc­ture. 2 Re­fill with fresh mul­tipur­pose com­post and sow the beetroot seeds thinly on top. Cover with a thin layer of com­post. 3 Wa­ter well and la­bel clearly. I’m us­ing wooden la­bels in a bid to re­duce the amount of plas­tic used in the gar­den. 4 Thin the seedlings when they are large enough. This gives each plant more room and helps the de­vel­op­ment of larger, health­ier roots.

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