Orchid at­tack, bum­bling bees, stink­ing lilies, mys­te­ri­ous tree

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QWhat is at­tack­ing my Pha­laenop­sis and how can I get rid of it? Mar­ion Smith, Salt­ford, Bris­tol

AI sus­pect red spi­der mites have been busy. Th­ese mi­cro­scopic in­sects suck sap from leaves and cause cells to die. If you look at the fo­liage through a mi­cro­scope you should be able to see the mites scur­ry­ing around.

The best way to treat the pest is to use an aerosol form of Provado Ul­ti­mate Bug Killer or Bug­clear Ul­tra Gun. Both are con­tact and sys­temic pes­ti­cides and most gar­den cen­tres stock them.

Ad­di­tion­ally, feed your plant with orchid fer­tiliser to im­prove its im­mu­nity to at­tack from th­ese pests and boost its vigour.

Red spi­der mites suck sap on un­der­cover plants

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