Other irises for smaller gar­dens

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In ad­di­tion to the tall bearded (TB) irises, there are five other groups clas­si­fied by height and flower size. Of th­ese, per­haps the most in­ter­est­ing – for those of us with smaller gar­dens – are the April­flow­er­ing stan­dard dwarf bearded (SDB) irises. Va­ri­eties in this group reach no more than 16in (40cm) tall, with flow­ers up to 3in (8cm) across.

Tall bearded irises are of a height where we tend to look at them from the side, so tall stan­dards and droop­ing falls give us the most colour. The some­what shorter SDBs tend to be viewed from above. This means we get a blast of colour with falls that are held hor­i­zon­tally when we look down at them at the front of a sunny bor­der.

There are some lovely AGMwin­ning va­ri­eties in this group – look out for ‘Green Spot’ (ivory white with a green spot) and ‘Mary McIl­roy’ (bright yel­low).

Stan­dard dwarf bearded iris ‘Green Spot’

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