Gar­den­ing his­tory

5-11 June

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5 June 1846 Ge­orge Lod­di­ges, nurs­ery­man and artist, died.

He was a con­sum­mate plant col­lec­tor, and de­vised an in­no­va­tive way of heat­ing glasshouses us­ing steam.

6 June 2011 The first-ever Na­tional Gar­den­ing Ex­er­cise Day was held in the USA. It is now ob­served each year and is gain­ing in­ter­est in the UK. It en­cour­ages us to max­imise the ben­e­fits we reap from gar­den­ing by adding some stretches and a few ex­tra steps or squats!

8 June 1865 Joseph Pax­ton MP, gar­dener, ar­chi­tect and the de­signer of Crys­tal Palace, died. 8 June 1897 Brenda Colvin, land­scape ar­chi­tect and founder of the In­sti­tute of Land­scape Ar­chi­tects (now the Land­scape In­sti­tute), was born.

10 June 1858

Robert Brown, botanist and an early pro­po­nent of the mi­cro­scope to iden­tify plant cells, died.

10 June 1936 Sir Ce­cil Han­bury MP died. He had been the owner of La Mor­tola gar­dens (now Giar­dinia Botanici Han­bury) in north­ern Italy.

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