Har­vest sum­mer rasp­ber­ries

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Squished into jam, nes­tled along­side a poached peach or scat­tered across the sum­mit of a pavlova, these easy-to-grow cane fruits are a must. While au­tumn va­ri­eties like ‘Polka’ and ‘Fall­gold’ won’t be colour­ing up for an­other month, sum­mer rasp­ber­ries such as ‘Glen Am­ple’ and ‘Malling Min­erva’ have been ripen­ing on my patch since mid-June.

I try to pick over the plants daily, but avoid har­vest­ing fruits when weather con­di­tions are wet be­cause damp fruits don’t store well. Colour is the best in­di­ca­tor for ripeness, and so is a gen­tle tug – the rasp­berry should come away eas­ily in your hand. If there’s re­sis­tance, it’s not quite ripe. Pa­tience is your path­way to per­fectly ripe rasp­ber­ries.

Ripened rasp­ber­ries will come away eas­ily with a gen­tle tug

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